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Privacy Policy

In the following you'll find our new privacy policy information which is adaequalte to the new EU-Privacy Policy-Law (EU-DSGVO) / valid starting from 25. March 2018

Privacy Policy Fridolin GmbH (,

For Fridolin GmbH ( and for our Online-Shop „”, Rigipsstraße 15, 71083 Herrenberg protecting your personal data is high priority.
Of course we are addited to all details of the EU-Privacy-Policy-Law (EUDSGVO).
In the following we will capaciously inform you how your personal data is treated and used by us. At any time you have the right to get to know, which data we store from you and to change our handling of your data or to delete them entirely.
If you want to use any of your rights concerning your data, please address Josef Schmidt, Rigipsstraße 21, 71083 Herrenberg, Germany or write us a mail to (please see more details below)

We use your data to fulfill your orders and demands (contract fullfillment)

When ordering a product at our online-shop ( we just ask for the minimal data, we need to fullfill your order and to do the accounting for it. In most cases this will be your name, your address, your contact information, as well as directly or indirect provided informations on your bank account. To fullfill our contract, we have the right to collect this data, but you are not forced to provide this data, only without this information we will not be able to deliver any goods or informations.

Data concerning contract and accounting

Before your order
Visiting our fridolin-shop-pages, it is possible to sign in as our customer. The data you provide this way will be automatically registered by our 1&1-shop-system, but will not be transfered to internal data storige or be processed and evaluated by Fridolin GmbH, nor will this information be forwarded to third parties in any case.
But for ordering in our shop, there is no need to register anyway. Registering as customer is only offered to provide you with the service to make future orders more comfortable for you, because there will be no need to fill in adress and so on when ordering the next time.

Storage and security of your data within our onlineshop is automatically managed by our shop-system which is part of the tenders of our hoster 1&1. This cannot be controlled by us. For informations on privacy policy and data protection of 1&1 please refere to:
1&1 Internet SE, Elgendorfer Str. 57, 56410 Montabaur, Germany / :

Contract data
When ordering one of our products in our online-shop, we ask you to please deliver considerably few informations we need to fullfill your order. This data is stored in our online-shop-system (by 1&1).
When it comes to writing you an invoice for your order, your ordering information and personal data will be transfered to our internal data base to allow for forwarding and accounting as well as to fulfill the fiscal defaults of our lokal tax office.
It is also inevitable to provide part of your personal data to third-parties, which in this case is our forwarder (DHL as a rule), who will deliver the ordered goods to you and for this will need to know your name and address. In addition the invoice we write to you will be forwarded to our tax accountant and the local tax office as well, containing all personal information contained in it.
Depending on the mode of payment you choose, some of your personal data will be handed to your an our bank (prepayment), to Paypal or Amazon Payments.
For all those third-parties, please find out about their privacy policy directly on their homepages.

You may at any time decide to get to now, which data is stored directly by us, as well as have it changed or totally deleted. Just send us a note ( This option is only restricted by fiscal law, which codifies to hold ready all documents of fiscal interest for 10 years (at the moment).

After having registered in our online-shop or after having ordered some of our goods, you'll get a few e-mails automatically generated by our 1&1-shop-system. Among those will be acceptance of your registration, order confirmation and invoice. If and to what extend data are collected by our hoster 1&1 is explained in the pricacy policy of 1&1 (1&1 Internet SE, Elgendorfer Str. 57, 56410 Montabaur, Germany /


Accounting data
For providing you with an invoice (when you order at, we use the data you delivered when ordering in our shop. This is your name, your address, your contact information and the form of payment you choose as well as, what you ordered and how much of it. This information is stored in the shop-system of 1&1 itself and we look at it from time to time to get to know our total turnovers with this shop. What is ordered and how many of it in additon is used in our internal data storage for internal calculation of our turnovers in time, but without any connection to your personal data – it's mere statistics which helps us to manage our store. Your order infromation is transfered manually to our internal data processing in order to keep storage but there is absolutely no connection to your personal data. This is true for for privat clients in our online-shop but not for our retailer customers of Fridolin GmbH, who's personal data are internally stored together with their turnovers and tax number. This is needed to keep up our cooperation with retailer customers and this data is only evaluated to see turnovers for planing stock keeping. We do not forward any of this data or evaluations to thirdparties. Third-parties we forward personal data to, are only forwarders, who need delivery address, name of customer and weight/size of parcels or palettes.
If you pay by
prepayment when ordering in our online-shop there will be data exchange between your bank and our bank and we are informed, if your payment has arrived oun ur bank account. For getting to know details von data protection at your bank, please refere to their privacy policy information.
If you pay by
PayPal when ordering in our online-shop there will be data exchange between your bank, PayPal account and our bank and we are informed, if your payment has arrived on our bank account. For getting to know details von data protection at PayPal, please refere to their privacy policy information.
If you pay by
Amazon Payment when ordering in our online-shop there will be data exchange between your bank, Amazon Payment and our bank and we are informed, if your payment has arrived on ur bank account. For getting to know details von data protection at your bank, please refere to their privacy policy information.

We do not know in what extend our online-shop-hoster 1&1 is involved in data exchanges. Please refer to the pricacy policy statement of 1&1 (1&1 Internet SE, Elgendorfer Str. 57, 56410 Montabaur /

Data for forwarding

To make delivery of your ordered goods possible, we need to deliver you name, address, size and weight of the parcel to a third-partiy forwarder. This is DHL in most circumstances. If there are questions on your side in regard to this, please refer to the privacy policy statement of DHL.


Utilization and content data

Utilization data
If problems occur concerning wrong goods or wrong amount of goods (for instance) we need to communicate with you in regard to the problem. To do so, we have competent internal service stuff, who will get in contact. This is mostly done by mail. Our service personal also get's to know some of your personal data variing in regard to the problem at hand. All people in our service team are internal empoyees, who have been informed about the regulations of the EU-DSGVO-privacy policy-law by writing and have signed to guarantee, that they now and keep up all those regulations; especially that no information should be passed through to third-parties.

Content data

Since at the moment there is no option to have customized products ordered in our shop, there is no content data transfered to us.

Usage of your data

Usage of personal data

We need some of your personal data to fullfill our contract, to send you our goods and to get in contact with you, if there are questions.

Dataprocessing after your order has arrived
To process your order we need to fill in what is ordered and in what quantity in our internal stock keeping and accounting software, and we do also store your name, address, contact data and payment information for tax purposes. We have to keep this data available for several years due to controlling through our local tax office. We also do store this informations in our internal data storage for fast processing of futur orders.
You may contradict our storage of your accounting data at any time, but tax laws will not allow us to react to your demand of canceling this information in a short period.

Contract- and Contact-Information

You will receive a confirmation of order and information about delivery via e-mail. For this we use your e-mail-address as well as for sending you an invoice. Goods are usually delivered via DHL, whom we forward your name and address, as well as size and weight of the packed goods.

Productinformation and advertising

Since we do not want to desturbe your peace, we do not send any advertising or spam neither using e-mail nor posting. If this policy would change in the future, we would ask for your allowance to do so in advance. If you would have given such an allowance, you'd have the right to at any time withdraw it again.

Schedule to modify or delete your data on your demand

Data, which is of fiscal interest, we'll have to keep at hand according to fiscal law (up to 10 years at the moment). If we write you an invoice, we also store your personal data without time limit inside our internal database to make future orders of yours easily workable, but we do not use this data for other purposes than to provide you with ordered goods, if there is a new order from you. This internally stored data is fully disposable for you and you have the right to get to know, which data is stored, the right to change it, the right to have it deleted and have it forwarded to someone you choose. We will follow your demand imediatedly, but in regard to the momentary amount of work to be done. Only please keep in mind our fiscal obligations, I mentioned in the first sentence of this passage.

At any time you have the right to get to know your data, change it, to control our usage of your data, to have it deleted or forwarded to someone you choose. Please address : (more details see below)

Pasing your personal data through to third-parties

a) Forwarders

To have your goods forwarded to you, we pass some personal data (Name, Adress, Weight and Size of parcel) through to a third-party, which is DHL almost without exception. Please find their dataprotection policy on their homepage. We do only pass through absolutely essential data for forwarding.

b) Fiscal obligations

Data, which is of fiscal interest, we'll have to keep at hand according to fiscal law (up to 10 years at the moment). Also we pass this data through to third-parties, which is in this case our tax accountant and our local tax office. This is regulated by law and inevitable.

c) Accounting / Bank

According to payment mode you choose in our webshop (prepayment, PayPal or Amazon Payments) there will be an exchange of data with your and our bank or PayPal or Amazon Payments). Please inform yourself about their privacy policies on the respective homepages.

d) Providers
At the moment we do not offer to produce customized products through our online-shop. If this would change in future, we would have to pass through information on demanded goods and, very seldom, Mail-Address for personal contact between our customer and our production department or external service providers and there would be contracts which will asure they do follow the regulations of the EU-DSGVO law.


Like most webpages do, we are sure also our hoster 1&1 in our web-shop uses small text files, called cookies, which are stored on your hard drive or in the App-Cache of your mobile device. These Cookies allow for no personal identification (according to information provided by 1&1), but obviously are inevitable for providing the web-shop services, as for example the „cart”. It is not Fridolin GmbH using those Cookies but it is directly our webservice provider/hoster 1&1. Please do read and study their privacy policy on their website for further details: 1&1 (1&1 Internet SE, Elgendorfer Str. 57, 56410 Montabaur, Germany /

Please also inform yourself also about the usage of tracking and data exploration used by our hosting supplier 1&1 directly in their privacy policy information: 1&1 (1&1 Internet SE, Elgendorfer Str. 57, 56410 Montabaur /

Please also inform yourself on the homepages of your financial service providers "PayPal", "Amazon Payment" and your bank (in case of prepayment) about their privacy policy, because these providers get to know some of your personal data during your payment and might store and process this data. 

Usage of Social Plugins (Facebook and others)

Our Webshop offers Social Plugins ("Plugins") for example the one of, which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook"). These Plugins show a Facebook Logo or they are a textmark saying "Facebook Social Plugin". There are several other Sozial Plugins you can opt in.

When activating one of this plugins by clicking its icon in our shop, your browser will directly connect to the servers of Facebook or other corresponding social networks. The content of the Plugin is directed directly to your browser by Facebook or corresponding social networks. A big deal of data may flow to this connection and may be stored, processed and used by Facebook or corresponding Sozial Network providers.

Possibly by opening our page Facebook or other Sozial Network Providers get to know that you have opended this page, but as a rule all Social Plugins on our page are deactivated, thus there is no connection to Social Network Providers by default. Instead you'll have to decide to activate those Plugins by clicking the icon of one of the Social Networks offered on our shop pages. Soon as your mouse is over one of these plugins, a message is provided to inform you about the risk of data transfer to the Social Network provider, if you are going to click this icon.  If your activate any of those plugins by clicking its icon, for example if you click "Like" or write any comment, corresponding information will be send from your browser directly to Facebook or the corresponding Social Network provider and your information will be stored there.

Purpose and extention of this data acquisition and the processing, evaluation and usage of this data by Facebook and other Social Network providers, as well as your rights to get to know, to influence and to have deleted this data please lern from the privacy policy information provided by Facebook ( and corresponding Sozial Network providers on their homepages.

If you want to be sure that there is no data transfer via our shop pages to facebook or any other Social Network provider, you ought to lock out from those Social Network pages before visiting our Webstore.

We intensly warn against clicking any of the Social Network icons in our webshop, because of uncontrollable data flow to Social Network providers. We only offer these icons in our webshop for not treating our customers like a child and act as guardian for them.

Data security

To prohibit any loss or misuse of data stored by us, we use extensive security mechanisms, starting from using applicable lock mechanisms for our buildings to using firewalls and professional antivirus software, which are regularly checked and updated to new technological developements. 
We use SSL-encryption for our webshop.

In additon, you might want to support our data security by providing only necessary data when using our contact option.

How we handle your data and what are your rights

All data which we receive from you while your are ordering goods in our webshop is only used for the purpose of contract fullfillment; in other words: This data is only used to provide you with the goods you ordered. At the moment we do not use any data analysis or evaluation by ourselfs. If we would start to do this at any time, we would only do it within the regulations of law, anonymous and pseudonymous.

We cannot give a statement to evaluation and processing of your data done by our hosting provider 1&1. Please refer to the privacy policy of 1&1 for detailled information on this: 1&1 (1&1 Internet SE, Elgendorfer Str. 57, 56410 Montabaur /


Your rights

Besides your right to get to know every data stored about you, your also have the right to have your personal data modified, corrected, deleted, blocked and transfered as you like and decide.
Above this you can, at any time, contradict any allowance you gave us to use and process your personal data. If you want to use any of this rights, please address Josef Schmidt, who is responsable for this within our firm, at:

Fridolin GmbH
Rigipsstr. 15
71083 Herrenberg

or via e-mail to:

Regulatory Organisation / Right of complaint

If our response and action to your demant to modify, delete, .... your data - contrary to all expectations - should not prove to be as requested, you have the right of complaint at your local Regulatory Organisation or address:

Der Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit

Postfach 10 29 32
70025 Stuttgart
Deutschland / Germany

If any questions arise concerning telekommunication:

Die Bundesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit (BfDI)
Husarenstraße 30
53117 Bonn
Deutschland / Germany


Additional hints

Formerly this web pages used etracker technology (
But the whole fuction was seased and switched-off staring from 25.5.2018

This web pages formerly used etracker technology ( by which anonymous data is gathered for marketing and optimising purposes. All those user data was profiled with anonymous user-ID. E-Tracker might have used Cookies to collect and store such data, but the persons behind the data cannot be identified. This data was not used to identify users in person or connect them personally with collected data. As already mentioned above, we meanwhile have seased to use this technologie.


Additonal comment in regard to Social Networks:
Our fridolin-shop web pages provide you with the option to activate connections to social networks. This option is deactivated as a default. You'll have to purposefully activate these connections by clicking one of the sozial network icons provided.
Please bear in mind: By clicking one of the Social Network icons on one of our web shop pages, data will be passed trough to the corresponding Social Network provider. Please keep this in mind, before clicking one of the Social Network icons.


Kind regards
Fridolin GmbH

Last amended: May 2018

In regard to our former privacy policy declaration please refere to the german version of this page, where it is mentioned at the bottom of the new DSGVO privacy policy. This declaration is still valid in additon as far as there is no contradiction to the new DSGVO.