Right of withdrawal and OS-Information

You have the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days. This begins with the day you oder a third person, who is not the forwarder, has accepted the delivery of our goods.

To make use of your right of withdrawal, you ought to inform us (fridolin-shop, Fridolin GmbH, Josef Schmidt Rigipsstr. 15, 71083 Herrenberg, Telefonnummer: 07032 920698, Telefaxnummer: 07032 29471, E-Mail-Adresse: bestellung@fridolin-shop.de) in form of an undoubtable declaration (via posted letter, fax or e-mail) that you decided to withdraw from this contract.

To use your right of withdrawal it is sufficient to send your declaration of withdrawal within the duration of the withdrawal period, specified above.

If you use your right of withdrawal, we ought to refund your payment at once or at least within a period of 14 days, starting from the day the goods you send back arrived at our place, without damages that can be traced back to misuse.

Information about the OS-Portal (EU law) for dispute settlement concerning adjustment of differences that arise from online commerce.

Hereby, we'd like to inform you, that there is a new EU law, taking effekt on 09.01.2016, which is meant for dispute settlement concerning adjustment of differences that arise from online commerce (VERORDNUNG (EU) Nr. 524/2013 DES EUROPĂ„ISCHEN PARLAMENTS UND DES RATES vom 21. Mai 2013).

This law aims to settle confidence into the digital EU market and also aims to settle regulations for easy, efficient, cost-saving and fast adjustment of differences that arise from online market, especially for cross-border purchases.

You may find detailled Informations in "Artikel 14 Absatz 1 der ODR-VO", which you can download unter the following link (in German language):


The following link will lead you directly to the OS-Plattform for dispute settlement: